Participation priority as FFT introduces eight fresh faces
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06.02.2014 11:44 Age: 3 yrs
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Participation priority as FFT introduces eight fresh faces

Football Federation Tasmania (FFT) have this week employed eight new Football Participation Officers (FPOs) to work across Tasmania in developing junior footballers and driving participation for the world game.


The hiring of eight new FPOs is part of a major restructure of the football development department, with FFT spreading resources across the state to reach all major participation areas and engage with juniors. 

The role of the FPOs will be to predominately provide Tasmanian school children with a football experience at school and introducing them to the prospect of joining one of our member clubs or associations.

They will conduct regular school visits to up skill teachers, and engage kids in the game with good experiences, along with community activities at Victory League and A-League matches.  

FFT CEO Richard Welsh said the FPOs will be key cogs in increasing participation and retention in the sport.

“This restructure is an innovative change to the delivery of our development programs and the successful eight new faces are all of a high caliber. 

“These eight FPOs will be out in schools and the broader community, helping to spread the wonders of the world game,” Welsh said.

The FPOs will be playing a key role in rolling out Football Federation Australia’s (FFA) new junior program MiniRoos, which was launched on Tuesday and is the new football format for kids across the country.

MiniRoos is a smaller version of football that provides boys and girls aged 4 - 11 with a fun introduction to the world game.  It is designed for kids; it is all about having fun, learning new skills and making life-long friends.

“They (the FPOs) will be the people that will be delivering the exciting new MiniRoos program and hopefully delivering greater participation for football in the state than ever before.” 

Selection of the eight FPOs was not an easy process with the selection committee greeted with a high number of qualified candidates.

“We were very pleased with the response to the application process, we received many high caliber applicants, which made selection difficult but we are really pleased with the people we have put in place in the roles,” Welsh said.

Of the eight FPOs, there are four positioned in the south of the state with two in the north and two in the northwest, with two of the southern FPOs current Victory League players.  The successful applicants were;

Matt Lewis – Southern Hobart/Kingston

Jayden Hey – Central Hobart

Danielle Nossiter – Northern Hobart

Ben Horgan – Eastern Shore

Taylor Neilson – Southern Launceston

Tim Lunnon – Northern Launceston

John Alexiou – Ulverstone/Devonport

Darren Purton – Somerset/Burnie/West Coast

“It is great to have two Victory League players in Matt Lewis and Jayden Hey in FPO positions as they are able to use their Victory League profile and give junior players a goal in the Victory League to aim at.”

Welsh said 2014 is an exciting time to be a part of football.

“It is a World Cup year, there is a lot of excitement around the sport and I think it is the perfect year for people to join the game,” Welsh said. 

Anyone interested in registering for the 2014 football season can head to