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20th, 27th May & 4th June

Skill Training Certificate



 ST Cert South


7th May

AIA Vitality MiniRoos Coaching Certificate 





23rd July

AIA Vitality MiniRoos Coaching Certificate

Olinda Grove, Mount Nelson





** Please note if your club or region would like a course it can be scheduled at your request.


 In 2016 there will be two C Licence courses scheduled. The first of these will begin in February (details below) and the second in July (details to come).C-LICENCE

Over the past 12 months FFT has looked at ways of making the C Licence course a much more affordable option, with the assistance of FFA, we believes the below package does this.

Individual Coach package: Course fee is $1155.00 Incl GST, however for Tasmanian resident coaches who complete all of the contact components between February and May will receive a $400.00 rebate from FFT on the upfront fee. Bringing the overall cost of the course down to $755.00. Please note, the rebate will not apply for interstate coaches. 

Club Package: Where a club enrols 5  coaches the single fee of $3200.00 will be invoiced to that club. The club must Anthony Alexander ( which coaches they are nominating so FFT finance can invoice the amount out to the club. Each additional coaches beyond the five nominated will attract the individual coach package fee. 

Dates of Course:

Part 1 – Generic: This will be run over 3 Sundays. 21st of February – North West, 28th of February – North, 20th of March – South. Candidates must attend each day from 9am – 5pm.

Part 2 – Youth or Senior. Coaches must choose either to do the Youth course or the Senior Course. Both of these components will be completed between the 29th of March and 31st of May. These two course streams will be run in the region the coaches are from, for example: 15 coaches on a Youth course, 5 South, 5 North and 5 North West, the modules will be delivered in each region for the coaches in a club environment. Dates and times for part 2 delivery will be finalized by the end of Part 1 of the course. 

PLEASE NOTE: Coaches are to be enrolled before the 5th of February, to allow time for pre-course work and finalisation of numbers.


Coaches must enrol in Part 1 – Generic and choose either Part 2 - Senior or Part 2 – Youth. Completion of Part 1 is required before attending Part 2.

PART 1 - Generic

PART 2 - Senior   or    PART 2 - Youth